1. The Brief

Traditionally, during the recruitment process would-be Aviation Fuel Handlers would be given a 200 page stapled together word document containing everything you needed to know about aircraft refuelling to read 20 minutes before their initial interview. Air BP wanted something that would be a lot easier to digest and get the key points of the role across.

2. The Solution

The important part of the brief was to make the document content easy to digest in a short period. Thinking back to reading as a child, I thought it would be great to create a handbook that gave bitesized information in a similar way to how these books of my childhood were designed. This meant the essential information could be taken in, and then afterwards the Handler would be able to use the book as reference and read about the topic in more detail. I had great fun creating the layout and producing illustrations of planes, trains and airports etc. If you want to know why the cartoons? (brilliantly drawn by Baz Rowell), then give me a call!!

3. The Result

Air BP were extremely happy with the finished handbook, even suggesting putting it on Amazon (although not sure exactly how many people need a handbook to show them how to fuel their own jet aircraft!?).


Project Details

Client: Air BP.

Date: January 25, 2018

Design: Sketchbook, Illustrator
Build: InDesign

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